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Dec 8, 2012 3:35pm EST
by interstate. california will have to high- speed trains. we are expanding 110 miles per hour service. that is high-speed train. in october i wrote on a train for a very short stretch. i saw the progress myself. i recently visited a plant that is building 130 rail cars increasing about 250 jobs in the process. these are cars being ordered from california and other places. these are american jobs. american workers building america's train sets. that is what this is about. this plant and not exist before president obama initiated a high-speed rail program. -- this plan that did not exist before president obama initiated a high-speed rail program. when i was there that day, they are talking about building another facility there as a result this is lustration has for rail. it is not just the future. these eight jobs exist today as a result of our investments. there strengthening the connections between regions and revitalizing -- they are strengthening the connections between regions in revitalizing. we're trying to determine the next corridor of service. in a short amount of time we have
Dec 22, 2012 9:35pm EST
see specials now on tv comparing california and texas, businesses moving out and delegations from california going to texas to try to figure out why businesses are moving and families are moving. it's not political at all. we make it political and we talk about it in political terms, but creating an environment where businesses can thrive is an american idea and it's an idea that's working. and we see it all over the country, where some states are going down one road with higher taxes and bigger government and more spending, and they're losing to states like texas and i hope more and more like south carolina. they're moving to where they can thrive. and this benefits every american. we look at energy development and we talk about that at the national level of how it can create prosperity for our country if we open it up. we don't have to guess at whether or not it works. i mean, we can look at north dakota, you can look at pennsylvania. states that have gone around the federal rules and figured out how to develop their own energy are creating jobs and tax revenue to their governme
Dec 23, 2012 6:30pm EST
that it was devastating. host: what was mitt romney's immediate reaction? guest: he was in california. he knew it was problematic. there was a staff conference call in the hours afterwards were they acknowledged that it was bad. romney came on the line and knew he had to address it. because of the time difference, it was not until about 11:00 eastern but he did not do a full walked back in their press conference. he said his remarks were not elegantly stated. what we are told is that he was uneasy about pollock -- apologizing because he did not want to be accused of being a flip-flop for. in the first hours after it came out -- a flip-flopper. it was not until he was at univision when he said he wanted the votes of the 100%. is still was not an apology and that never came until the debate in denver. it was an obvious gaffe, but he did not want to take it back because he was dogged by this image of someone who didn't stand. host: do we know how mother jones was able to get that video? guest: the reveals for the first time that the campaign did some in-house investigation. the close as they came
Dec 9, 2012 9:35pm EST
they add to a community like those in northern virginia. or southern california or texas, where i spent most of my adult life. so i'm not sure it's true everybody has a negative attachment to immigration. but on the other hand i think the political controversy about imgrace, which would have been about undocumented immigrants, has perhaps led people to somewhat negative cast to immigration. i can tell you that the united states as well as europe and, you know, many other countries including eventually china, because of our current demographic situation, we will turn to immigration increasingly because our fertility is approaching or below replacement level. and so immigration will be a necessity. you see this already in europe. the chinese are already beginning to think about the fact they're one-shot policy will lead to them having a much older population soon with many fewer children. so immigration then becomes, you know, another way that they can continue the economic vitality of their country. so to me immigration and vitality are closely linked. i think that's true for many busine
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)